Thursday, 29 November 2012

So what's this Blog About?

Since I was young, I always enjoyed logging my life experiences in a journal. I kept that habit right up until our baby girl was born in 2010. Life suddenly got too busy to take a moment and jot down all the wonderful things that were happening. I still did record big events, but never the little simple but great moments of life. I miss journal writing so much!  I think it's such a great way to record memories and special moments. I started thinking that it's easier for me to write my thoughts out electronically, I always have access to a computer!! So I created this blog. I have so many things to say, so many thoughts to write about, I wonder if there's anyone who would like to read about them. Writing is another hidden passion of mine. If no one reads them, at least it will be alive somewhere, where I can easily return and make memory!

I will use this blog to write mostly about music and worship because it's my passion to serve the Lord in this way! I want to share my experiences and journeys with you. I've had many great ones in the Presence of the almighty God.

I will also share family experiences and special moments with you all! God has blessed me with a wonderful little family.

Blogs are a great way of keeping memories in life alive. I believe Life is a beautiful song, if we chose to write our lives God's way. : )

Thank you for joining me in this writing journey about the Songs of our life. Lets learn from each other. Hope you are blessed!

Mi bella Familia