How Singing All Started

I grew up in a hispanic Apostolic Pentecostal Church. The Apostolic Faith was instilled in me ever since I knew reason. My mom did her best to guide 3 children in the Lord’s way and always prayed we would become passionate servants of the Lord, in whatever ministry He would see fit!

I think my serious interest in Singing started when I was about 12 years old. I would do the odd specials at church singing my favourite songs, sometimes alone, sometimes with my best friend. I really enjoyed singing. When I was about 15 years old, myself, along with a few other girls at the church started singing with the music band for prayer services only. I was enjoying the singing “once in a while”.  Than, my worst nightmare happened. Okay, no it wasn’t my worst nightmare but it was a really scary and nerve wrecking time. I remember it was January 2001, I was 16 at the time and we had just return from a family vacation in California. I was really happy to be at church again because I had missed it! And it turns out there were no musicians or singers. I vaguely remember what exactly happened but what I do know is that the “experienced” musicians had left for various reasons. So all who were left, were the kids who were learning how to play & sing, the piano (my brother), the drummer, and the bass player – all newbies.  And so, the pastor and another brother, asked us to go up and help sing during the church service and it end up being every church service! We were all learning and we did some really big mess ups at times (poor congregation!!!) I remember singing a song that was in major note and the boys playing it in minor  note! Vice versa used to happen at times too….lol….I remember feeling frustrated at times, but I had gotten a passion to sing, so I didn’t let my frustration make me give it up. We practiced for countless of hours, and I also did get some singing lessons, to help me learn techniques and to breath properly! I was losing my voice every service, and my mom thought I needed some training. She was right, I was losing my voice, because I wasn’t breathing properly!! Anyway, I had the greatest singing teacher, I’m sad I lost contact with her, because she really encouraged me and helped me believe in myself. I look back at the positive influence she had in my “singing ministry” and I wish I could tell her and thank her. I don’t believe she was Christian, but none the less, God used her to encourage me to keep trying.

Needless to say, with time and lots of practice, sometimes frustrating times, those kids got better and better. I started having amazing experiences with God while singing. I shall share some of them on this blog. My faith grew, my love for God grew. I can say that maybe this singing ministry is what kept me from the world, because I loved this ministry so much I didn’t want to take part in anything that could taint what God was doing in my life through it. The Lord daily started pouring in me with his passion and love to do better in this ministry and be a blessing for the congregation.

Eventually, I assumed the role of Worship leader at the church, being the main singer, it kinda just happened. Here we are 11 years later and I wouldn’t change this life for anything. I love singing for the Lord! The feeling I get when I sing for God, cannot compare. At times I feel like I get so lost in Jesus' presence when singing that I don't want to stop, it's quite amazing! It's something I can never stop thanking the Lord for. What an honour and blessing to my life it is. I could choose to sing to other things but there’s something about the way God makes me feel when I sing to him. It’s so liberating, it’s so empowering, It’s so welcoming, it’s so….I can’t explain it. Sometimes I wish I could explode into a million pieces and each piece of me could give praise to His name, I know it sounds weird. But there’s just such a power when we lift up the name of Jesus. His presence is like an overflowing river in my soul!

Moving along, although not all of those who started in that original group 11 years ago, are still in this same group, God has taken them to different places and allowed them to grow to different levels and ministries. I am thankful for each person God has allowed me to minister alongside with, every musician, every singer. I’ve learned a lot from each of them and I’m grateful for the impact each of them had in my life. As for the current group I minister with, I love them so dearly. I love the passion and love with which they serve God.  I love all the laughs, funny moments, practices, all the memories we are creating together. I love that we are fighting this battle together in unity and are winning it in Jesus name.
I'm also thankful for my mother and husband, who have had patience with me as my ministry grew, who have been there to hear me out when frustrations over situations in ministry and insecurities took over my thoughts. Having their prayers, support, love and advice, helped me continue on and be where I am at today. : )

And last but not least, I'm also thankful to for my Pastors, for believing in me and trusting me, giving me the opportunity to serve in this great ministry all these years.

So yes, that’s how my love for the music ministry started. Will you join me as I keep creating memories and sharing my experiences?

I leave you with one of my favourite verses. Anything that I am or that I may gain, I owe it all to Him.  I am unworthy to be chosen, but in the time He pleases, I will serve Him with all my heart, He's been too good to me. To God be the Glory!
2 Corinthians 3:5-6 (NIV)
Not that we are competent in ourselves to claim anything for ourselves, but our competence comes from God. He has made us competent as ministers of a new covenant—not of the letter but of the Spirit; for the letter kills, but the Spirit gives life.

- Natalie


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