Thursday, 21 February 2013

One Day I will Sing in Heaven!

During my years of singing there have been some wonderful moments that I've had with the Lord. I shall share one of them with you today.

This past weekend we had very blessed services. I can still taste the presence of the Lord. It was amazing. While we were singing the Song "Agnus Dei" (Hallelujah for the Lord God Almighty Reigns) as I worshiped I could hear like as if it were hundreds of people singing the song along with us 4 singers. It was truly incredible and a joyous feeling because our church is not a huge church - just yet! : ) and it seriously sounded like it as if it were angels that were singing along with us, it's quite amazing. The bible does say that Angels are present to minister to the heirs of salvation (Hebrews 1:14)! During my years of singing I've had this experience a few times and I've even open my eyes, to see if the Lord will allow me to have a glimpse of these angels singing along with us, but I can't say I have seen any. It may sound crazy but when we talk about faith, faith is crazy, acts crazy, but accomplishes the impossible. This experience always fills my heart of joy and takes my mind to that one day that Revelations talks about, while thousands of thousands will be singing to the King of Kings and to the Lord of Lords. Experiences like these, make me want to sing my heart out even more, be a better worshiper and wrap myself in the presence of the Lord forever!! The Lord becomes so much more real to me, and I am humbled that he would allow me a glimpse of heaven. It inspires me and encourages me to keep fighting this battle of faith, because one day, I will be doing what I love best forever! Singing to my Lord and Savior face to face. The thought of that brings such great joy to my heart and tears of joy to my eyes, to think of that day. Oh how I desire to see HIM. I am so blessed to know Him and to have the opportunity to see Him one day. For now, I will keep rejoicing in His presence and singing to Him and only Him.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Biggest Loser - Week 7


I'm a little late with this post. Had an extra long weekend from work and getting back into the flow of things is a bit hard after that.


Loss of 2 pounds, for a total of 12 pounds since this Journey started off. Yay!


I'm really happy with the progress because with the extra long weekend, I had a few things, I shouldn't have had, that I allowed myself because I was on "Vacation Mode". However, I did not go overboard which is good. I only worked out 2x last week, because I was on Vacation Mode too. LOL...oh boy. Remind me to not take off too many days during this challenge.

Okay, don't have much to say this week. Hope you all had some progress this week.


Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Biggest Loser: Week 6


What a busy life the past days!!! Need some breathing space. This post is late, but better late than never.


Loss 1.5 pounds. For a total of 10 pounds. Wohooo, I'm halfway to my short-term goal. I must say, it's been easier (not easy, just easier!) than I thought It would be and I realize that its because my mindset has changed. I can really stick to this "eating healthy" lifestyle because I feel good doing it.

Things that have helped me:

Using the myfitnesspal app to calculate how much calories I'm eating a day, has really helped me control how much I eat. I have eaten out a few days and being able to plan my meals according to what i'm going to eat that day has helped me. If I know lunch is going to be big, I'll have a smaller breakfast or a shake. Before I eat something, I'll log in to check the calorie count, to see if there is something in the meal I should skip or substitute. It's really been a helpful tool and also I believe part of my success to this point. An example, is that last week, I went to Chipotle for lunch and had a chicken burrito, that burrito alone is huge and has about 900 calories! But I planned it out and had a small breakfast, and only some fruit for dinner (was still full from that burrito) because I was out of calories, but I still got to eat what I was craving.


I said last week that I wanted to exercise more. I sincerely did try, but my 3 year old, decided to ruin my favorite exercise routine DVD (which is no longer produced)., although I did workout 3 times last week, It was mostly testing out new routines, to figure out which one worked better for me. I don't feel like the workouts were "good enough" workout sessions because I was still testing them all out. I have found a routine that works and I enjoy, so I will be doing that this week and hopefully will feel like I did a GOOOD fat/calorie burning workout! :)


I had 2 cupcakes on Sunday for my daughters, they tasted so delicious, and I don't feel bad about it, because, I've been really good and I did not eat any further "junk food" for the rest of the day. Sometimes you just need to cheat. ha ha....

Hope you all had successful weeks.

Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Weekly Favs: "Indescribable"

This song is just awesome. I've loved the original version and this version is just great as well.

We could spend a whole life, trying to describe the mighty wonder of God but he's just so grand, we could never finish explaining or describing his greatness. I'm privileged to be his daughter. I really want to sing this song now. Feel like filling this office with praise!!!!! : ) Thank you Jesus.

Monday, 4 February 2013

Biggest Loser: Week 5



Lost 1 pound! I'm glad I don't gain, but I'd really like to be loosing at least 2. lol...Oh well. I have however, noticed a different in some of my "bigger" clothing, feeling a little bit looser. yay! :)
I must say I'm proud of my will power to not to eat the "bad stuff"'ve been very good at making better choices when eating out and also, choosing to eat something homemade instead of out, whenever possible. Last week we had a pizza lunch at work. I went for the vegetarian pizza (normally have meat), choose the smallest slice (could normally have 2-3 slices) and covered half my plate of salad. I must say I was very Proud. I absolutely love pizza, one of my fav dishes. I want to give a shout out to all my gals friends from Church, who have been so motivating and encouraging these past weeks, I'm excited to see us all reach our goals. :)


I think I've slowed down on the weight loss per week because I haven't been exercising as much. I've managed to get in 2 a week, but I think if I bump it up to 4 times, I will get better results! Will try really hard this week to get those extra 2 in.


Last week I said that part of my motivation was going on a shopping trip in the near future. Some of you lovelies commented and said, you would love to fit into your old clothes before going out to buy new. Fair enough! The problem with me is, I gave all my old clothes away. I had been over-my-normal-weight for about a year and it was a bit depressing to see all that clothes that didn't fit me, so I had settled that I was going to stay at the weight (at least for a while) and I would give away the clothing  (save but a few fancy dresses) so that I would not see it! lol...But now my mindset has changed, and now I can't get the clothing back. ja that is why a shopping trip would be necessary to a certain extent. Truthfully, I find any excuse for shopping. ha ha....

Picture update:

Still got a long way to go, but felt great to fit into these clothes, I tried them on a few weeks ago and they didn't fit as great as they did this week. Slowly but surely! :) This was just before church started, my momma just had to take a pic. She says she's proud. I don't believe her. HA HA...funny how even with age, it still matters when you make your parents proud.

 photo me_zpsf32b6397.jpg

Hope y'all are reaching your goals! Love reading your stories.