Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Inspirations: I'm not going to wait, until I can't

As my eyes were shutting last night these thoughts came to mind:

I’m not going to wait until I can’t move my legs to desire to jump in worship in God’s presence
I’m not going to wait until I lose my voice, to desire to sing, speak, and shout about Him with everything I am
I’m not going to wait until my arms have lost their strength to desire to wave my hands in his presence
I'm not going to wait until I can no longer move, to desire to do everything I can do, today and now to Praise Him

So although, I may look/seem crazy, silly, funny worshiping the Lord, speaking out about Him, I’m going to use the strength I got now, to Bring GLORY & PRAISE to HIS NAME! And to tell the world about my King and Savior JESUS!

I don't want to waste the years I'm granted of my life, in things that are vain, that will only pass away, that will not invest in my relationship with God, and that will not invest in my future life with my Lord. As long as I'm alive, It is my true desire for every single little bit of my being, to bring praises to His name. I love HIM. 

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