Friday, 12 April 2013

A Song I Wrote - I Want to Worship You

When I was on Maternity leave, it was the best year of my life. ha ha ha...Not only because I was home all day with my daughter, but also because I felt like I accomplished a lot of things that were on my personal to do list that year. It's nice to accomplish your goals! Well, one of the goals I had that year was to write and compose of few songs. And the Lord gave me a few songs during that year, that my brother, a pianist,  help me put the music together to. I wanted to share one of those songs with you today. This song means a lot to me, because of the words, but also because it was one of the last songs, me and my brothers sang together at one of our jam sessions at my moms house. We used to have many of those, I took many of those jam sessions for granted. I really miss those times. My pianist brother moved, FOREVER, to the West coast to pursue his dreams and also got married. It was hard to see him go, our world was messed up for a bit, since we had always been a really close family, but He was happy and that made us happy. I still miss him a lot, our music ministries started pretty much at the same time, so we had that special connection, but I'm happy to know he is continuing to serve the Lord in music and other ministries where he is right now.

So I remember writing this song, meditating of the presence of God and How I could not live without it. The song is in Spanish, but I will translate the words for the English readers.

Today I want to worship you Lord, For what you've done in me,
For your mercy and for your love 
For what you do in my heart

No one else Makes me feel like you do, 
That's why I want to pour my soul before you
And tell you that I love you,
That there is no one that resembles you
And tell you that I adore you my Lord
That there is no one like you Jesus

It's a simple song, but it's from my heart to Him. Glory be to Him!

Special shout out and thanks to the musicians from my church who helped compose this version of the song! You guys are blessed with talent. Happy to know you are using it for His Glory!!!

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