Wednesday, 10 April 2013

An Inspiration in my Life: My Daughter

Children are truly such a blessing from God. As I see my daughter grow, I learn so much about God from her. She's an inspiration for me to be better as person, as a mother, but especially as a servant of the Most High God. I have so many dreams for her, so many hopes for her life. And I ask myself what I can I do to ensure she stays on this path? What can I do to ensure, those dreams will become a reality in this life. The things I can do is cover her with prayer and be an example to her, to live the life that I want her to one day have, that she can be inspired by my own example to her. If I am not an example in all aspects of my life to her, how will she be inspired to do more and be more for God? So I'm trying, we're trying, my hubs and I to be that Godly example for her. Even the way we talk, the way we view things, the things we say in front of her, all that I examine and think, will this be a good example for her? I'm not saying we are perfect, we are growing and learning as the months and years go by, but I do want to try my best to be the greatest example for her and during that time, I'm also getting closer to the Lord.

One of the most wonderful things that fills my heart is to see Breanna worship, even if she's playing around, but she does it. And she's learned that from me and daddy, and yes I'm proud to say that! I love it when i'm singing at church and I see her jumping and singing along to the all songs! And sometimes at home when she sings to me, she does these facial expressions and moves her head like I do when I'm singing. It's so precious and makes me teary! I don't know if she will become a singer like her mother, but I do know that one of the things I want to teach her is to praise the Lord with her whole heart, to worship Him with all she is and with LIBERTY. Within her playing around she's worshiping the Lord. Seeing her do all these things, makes me realize, she is watching my every move, kids are so smart, she can pick up on my reactions and act the same way. I have to ensure that I am acting in a way that I would want her to be.

Breanna is my inspiration to be a better person in all aspects. She's my blessing from the Lord. I've always wanted to be better for God in thanks for all He's done for me but with Breanna, that feeling just quadrupled. I'm so grateful to the Lord for her. And I'm looking forward to the great things He will do in her life. In Jesus Name. Amen.

Bre is in the blue dress here, jumping during the Praise songs with her little friends at church. Do you see her little finger? :)

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