Monday, 4 February 2013

Biggest Loser: Week 5



Lost 1 pound! I'm glad I don't gain, but I'd really like to be loosing at least 2. lol...Oh well. I have however, noticed a different in some of my "bigger" clothing, feeling a little bit looser. yay! :)
I must say I'm proud of my will power to not to eat the "bad stuff"'ve been very good at making better choices when eating out and also, choosing to eat something homemade instead of out, whenever possible. Last week we had a pizza lunch at work. I went for the vegetarian pizza (normally have meat), choose the smallest slice (could normally have 2-3 slices) and covered half my plate of salad. I must say I was very Proud. I absolutely love pizza, one of my fav dishes. I want to give a shout out to all my gals friends from Church, who have been so motivating and encouraging these past weeks, I'm excited to see us all reach our goals. :)


I think I've slowed down on the weight loss per week because I haven't been exercising as much. I've managed to get in 2 a week, but I think if I bump it up to 4 times, I will get better results! Will try really hard this week to get those extra 2 in.


Last week I said that part of my motivation was going on a shopping trip in the near future. Some of you lovelies commented and said, you would love to fit into your old clothes before going out to buy new. Fair enough! The problem with me is, I gave all my old clothes away. I had been over-my-normal-weight for about a year and it was a bit depressing to see all that clothes that didn't fit me, so I had settled that I was going to stay at the weight (at least for a while) and I would give away the clothing  (save but a few fancy dresses) so that I would not see it! lol...But now my mindset has changed, and now I can't get the clothing back. ja that is why a shopping trip would be necessary to a certain extent. Truthfully, I find any excuse for shopping. ha ha....

Picture update:

Still got a long way to go, but felt great to fit into these clothes, I tried them on a few weeks ago and they didn't fit as great as they did this week. Slowly but surely! :) This was just before church started, my momma just had to take a pic. She says she's proud. I don't believe her. HA HA...funny how even with age, it still matters when you make your parents proud.

 photo me_zpsf32b6397.jpg

Hope y'all are reaching your goals! Love reading your stories.


  1. Way to go! The number on the scale means nothing if you aren't wearing your clothes better. I personally think loos clothing is the better reward of the two. Great job!

  2. Awesome job!

    Inviting you to link up at Weighing In Weekly, if you are interested! :D

    Diana at Nanny To Mommy