Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Some People Just Want To Talk

As I posted in my Resolutions post for 2013. One of the things I wanted to focus on this year is giving more one-on-one bible studies. It's a challenging thing for me to do and it keeps me from being comforterable with what I already know about scripture! During these one-on-one bible studies, you never know the questions that will come up, but if we have a constant relationship with God, with his spirit, with his Word, the Word just flows! I have experienced that the right words just flow and I'm left thinking, "when did I read that again?" The point is, I did at some point and God allowed that word to penetrate into my heart and mind, so in the right moment I could speak it out! - Scripture completes itself, when it says...."I will put My laws into their hearts, and in their minds I will write them” Hebrews 10: 16 - his word is written in our minds! :)

Anyhoo, so I had a bible study scheduled with an elderly lady from the church who has been visiting us for a bit. I wanted to share the plan of salvation with her. So we met and before we started the study, she started talking about her life, her family, her children etc.  Through her tears, you could tell how much burden she carries inside for her family but the lovely part was that she said that she depended on God for strength. After chatting away for bit I was finally able to start on the bible study. I proceeded to explain about our church's beliefs and with about every point that I said, she had a story or question to say/ask. I had about 5 pages to go through and we barely covered the 1st page because she had alot on her chest which she wanted to express.

Our time ran out and I wasn't able to complete the study. As I meditated on the situation, I was not upset at that, I realized that some people really just need a person to listen to them, to listen to their needs and minister to them by just listening. Sometimes this can do a whole lot in the "conversion process" of the person, than you carrying out a lesson plan word by word. They need to see the love of Christ in you and  that we truly have love for their souls and are there to minister to their particular needs. Of course, the teaching is important, but it can go hand in hand. Again, this is why we always have to be in tune with what God wants to do instead of what we want to accomplish out of a bible study. This lady, at this point, just really needed someone to hear her out and to speak words of encouragement to her.

So I guess what I learned, once again, you can never be tooo ready for a bible study, you never know how things will play out, just be in tune with the Spirit of God and He will direct what you have to say. Remember to be a good listener, that's a way to minister as well, some people just want to talk. : )


  1. We are giving Bible studies to this lady who has been coming to church too. Sometimes you say things, and you know they are from God b/c they touch or impact the person. She is also one who needs someone to listen. It's nice, I think

    1. Exactly! It really amazes me, because your left thinking, when did I learn that?! But if we are connected with God, He gives us the right words to say. And it is nice, just showing them genuine love is the best way to reach their souls. :)